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15 MVA € 2.800.000
30 MVA € 5.200.000
45 MVA € 7.600.000
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Pricing and services

We offer high energy efficiency at a remarkably low cost.

  • Significant lower system cost compared with other alternatives
  • Access to 24/7 hotline and fast respond from onsite service team
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High energy efficiency provides low operation cost

Concept and approach

Significant cost reduction is seen as a key enabler of getting ports to implement and offer cruise ships the possibility of shutting off the engines and reduce the city pollution. The tax on electricity has already been removed in some EU countries including Sweden and Denmark, and more are in the process for the benefit of Shore power economics.

Providing more competitive systems within the shore power industry is accomplished by utilising beyond current state of the art components, and sub modules assembly techniques developed to the wind segment, combined with high volume prices rather than the current ones offered for the maritime sector.

With PowerCon's innovative and highly competitive low cost system, the ports of Europe and the Cruise ships can obtain a very attractive business case compared with any other alternatives.

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