PowerCon TPT System


The Triple Pulse Tester measure Vce, Ic and Vg using a classical double pulse sequence. The conduction voltage, and current, is furthermore measured during the sequence, giving the third ‘pulse’.
It runs through an automated measurement sequence in user programmed ranges of chip/base-plase temperature, DC-link voltage and collector current.
In this way, several days of manual work can be done in a couple hours, with full set of data and plots for documentation.

The standard version includes controllable ranges for chip/base-plase temperature, DC-link voltage and collector current. This can be expanded with controllable gate voltage and/or gate resistors on request.
The Triple Pulse tester can also be expanded to include short circuit testing, of various types, by adding a few HW and SW components.

We offer a new platform supporting flexible Mechanical and Electrical setups, including Software, Test Data generation & documentation, User-Interface, Post-Processing and Support.

The Triple Pulse Tester is not designed for thermal/long time load testing. For these applications (accelerated testing, burn-in), we have experience in building dedicated test equipment.


The TPT system shown here is designed for Primepack™ Power Modules (PM) with a ‘standard’ Gate Driver (GD). The standard test ranges for Current (Ic), Voltage (Udc) and Temperature, is 0-4000A, 100-1500V and 25-150 °C, respectively.  Versions for other PM’s and/or GD’s can be adapted on request. This TPT system also has a dedicated busbar with integrated current shunts for the high bandwidth current measurements.  The TPT system could be redesigned for other busbars, or perhaps even integrated Power-Stacks, please contact PowerCon to discuss possible solutions.



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