Specifications and Options

Customized to your requirements


Customized to your requirements

We deliver standard systems customized to specific port requirements.

  • Customized footprint according to requirements
  • Fast and predictable dimensioning of any given power rating
  • Turn key solution, hardware, software, cooling system and mechanics

The Shore Power system is developed according to international standard IEC 80005




Flexible in all aspects

Frequency conversion 50Hz /60Hz is our specialty.
We deliver variable input and output voltage from 400V to 60kV.

  • User-friendly graphical Control interface (HMI)
  • Automated monitoring system and remote access for specialist support
  • Control system optimized for optimal energy efficiency at any given load
  • Integrated reliable cooling system with low power consumption

Intends to supply something new to Europe

Most of the European ports have been restraint from investing in shore power installation of this type and size due to very high equipment cost. The high equipment cost is seen as a consequence of the low competition and relatively few capable suppliers on the market causing a high bargaining power in the favor of the selling part. Comparable trends were seen within the wind power segment in the past but the wind turbines everlasting competition towards fossil fuels has kept focus on lowering cost with great success. PowerCon has been a part of this success by adding significant savings into the industry with competitive converter solutions. These solutions are identical with the required for OPS, making it obviously to offer the same savings into the maritime sector, ensuring a reasonable return of investment for the ports without external funding and for the benefit of the environment.

The positive results gained form the wind sector by constant improving the technical solutions with added values and lower cost were PowerCon´s motivation for developing the new systems to the OPS market. By using the technical developments from the larger wind sector and related volume prices, the maritime sector can harness all the achievements for the benefit of the environment.