PowerCon Way


Our knowledge covers all aspects within the development, testing, and manufacturing of the electrical power system, from the early concept phase to the running production and turbine certification. This enables us to assist in converting overall certification and/or grid requirements into module specifications followed by choice of 1subsystems and components.

Within the development phase we are used to work with varies stage gate models securing that process and documentation is complying with customer requirements at the right time. This includes common design tools such as DFMEA/PFMEA and risk analysis, ensuring relevant requirements is met by the final design with sufficient design margin.

Our network and deep industry knowledge makes it possible to develop quickly but simultaneously with a great certainty and transparency, keeping focus on reliable designs with predictable failure mechanisms to ensure robust products.

From Development to production:

The transition from development to manufacturing and methods to integrate DFM is a known area for us. This includes the importance of relevant properties are clearly communicated in the documentation and ensuring the dialogue with suppliers to get a common understanding of the parameters critical to ensure the right quality at the right cost.

Within the production and manufacturing processes we have experience in these throughout the value chain. At our own facility we are capable of assembling prototypes and 0-series. Doing that also enables us to verifier assembly processes and BOM structure versus estimated cost and assembly time.

Test and Measurements:

Development and production of test equipment is an important part of our expertise. Our in-depth knowledge from many years of experience with the end-products creates a solid foundation when it comes to the design of test equipment.

When the development phase is completed the verification phase is important to verify the design margins. Our experience within this field is one of the key elements to achieve trustworthy and fast results.

To verify the quality of each product we also develop and manufacture production test equipment, ensuring that products' leaving the factory complies with the requirements and expected quality.