About us

For over a decade, PowerCon has established itself as a flexible, innovative, and trustworthy partner for electrical engineering, design, construction, installation, and commissioning; covering all aspects within software, hardware, mechanics, electronics, and related fields.

Mission And Vision

Our mission is to develop, construct, and implement smart, innovative, flexible, and scalable power conversion solutions and to remain the go-to partner for customers world-wide, especially within wind and shore power.

With a vision of pushing the technological boundaries in the name of improved power conversion, PowerCon is proud to be working with sustainability, energy transition, electrification, and maritime decarbonization every day in an effort do our part in working towards the UN Sustainability Development Goals (7, 9, 13, 15). We want to assist in the development and future-proofing of the energy and maritime electrical infrastructure as we see this as critical in improving sustainability and mitigating climate change.

Core Values

  • Responsibility: we pursue a high level of responsibility and commitment relates to all our processes as we are fully aware of what it means if our products don’t perform.
  • Customer focus: we come up with the most cost-effective solutions that meet each customer’s individual needs.
  • Quality consciousness: we always have the highest possible quality in mind as we believe that makes the real difference “out in the field”.
  • Environmental consciousness: we strive to use smart and innovative solutions to improve sustainablity.
  • Innovation: we always incorporate the latest technology and try to think outside of the box in how we put our solutions together.

Partner Group

Kim Brøndum Larsen
Partner & CEO

Kim is a founding Partner of PowerCon and has since the foundation been the electrical lead. He is responsible for all development of power electronics systems and test systems besides functioning as the company’s CEO, underlining the deep technical level that characterizes the company at all levels. He continues to lead training and skills development within programming, processors, controllers, and various other technical tools used throughout the organization.

Allan Holm Jørgensen
Partner & CTO

Allan is a founding Partner of PowerCon and is responsible for the overall system design. He also remains a key part of testing and commissioning all projects and remains to have a strong focus for pragmatic solutions that solve real-life challenges. As the technical lead, he also drives innovation and R&D and keeps pushing the company and the technological boundaries to keep developing improved solutions.

Peter Castberg Knudsen
Partner & CCO

Peter is Partner in PowerCon and responsible for all sales and commercial aspects. Despite his managerial role, he remains very hands-on and involved in the projects from a project management perspective. Peter’s background is in mechanical engineering, but he has obtained substantial knowledge within electrical engineering as well. Especially within shore power, he has been the driver of developing the company’s business, competencies, and knowledge.

The Company PowerCon

PowerCon is an international, medium-sized Danish engineering and manufacturing company, specialized in electrical power conversion, especially the development and production of full-scale electric power converters.


Founded in 2009 with strong ties to the world-famous Danish wind power industry, PowerCon found early success in supplying the wind turbine industry with its power conversion solutions.

Expanding and Shore Power

Around 2014, PowerCon increased its focus on the maritime industry. This journey began within shore power when an opportunity was seen to simplify the technology and make it more compact yet still efficient, resulting in lower costs and better return on investments.  Our have a strong focus on flexible and innovative shore power solutions that meet the customers’ individual needs the best way possible makes PowerCon a leading supplier in the industry. To this day, PowerCon continues to be a front runner within shore power, supplying its modular and efficient solutions to ports around the world.

Pursuing Better Sollutions

Lastly, a strong part of PowerCon’s DNA is innovation and R&D, i.e. continuously developing better performing solutions that are more cost-effective within our fields of expertise. PowerCon therefore continues to be a strong partner in various development projects based around power conversion.

This approach also ensures that PowerCon keeps pushing to develop and improve the technical solutions, trying to come up with the solutions of tomorrow. This is clearly seen from the growth that PowerCon has experienced, especially within shore power, since its foundation.

PowerCon’s Team

PowerCon’s team of +140 employees is based at our new facility in the historical town of Hobro, Denmark. The new building consists of 2500 m² office space with an additional 3500 m² for production, assembly, and warehousing, equipped with overhead gantry cranes as well as high and low voltage grid connections so we can test our full range of products in-house before they are shipped out.

PowerCon’s team consists largely of highly skilled and experienced hardware and software developers, engineers, and electrical system specialists that with an innovative and dynamic approach develop state-of-the-art converters and converter solutions. PowerCon also collaborates with a range of highly skilled subcontractors who help ensure that only the best materials and components are utilized in our solutions.

Capabilities and Certifications

PowerCon is ISO 9001 certified and also has a AAA-credit score, underlining our well-structured and quality-focused processes and procedures throughout the organization, which are also reflected when it comes to our HSEQ initiatives and zero-tolerance. PowerCon is constantly working to improve these efforts and is currently also working toward a ISO 45001 certification.

The PowerCon Way

PowerCon was founded on the fundamental idea of doing things “the PowerCon way”. We believe that our approach – the PowerCon way – give us a number of advantages over other suppliers as it is rooted in PowerCon’s core capabilities that are centered around:

  • Covering all disciplines in-house, from design and engineering to installation and commissioning, so we know and understand the complete product lifecycle.
  • Providing fast and predictable development and delivery.
  • Getting customers in front of robust, state-of-the-art technologies and products that have proven reliability.
  • Focusing on the interaction and development between design/engineering and production in order to minimize assembly time and eliminate errors.
  • Testing and verifying solutions and products in-house, catching unexpected challenges early while minimizing on-site installation time.
  • Remaining flexible and innovative to provide compact, cost-effective solutions to maximize customer Return on Investment.
  • Focusing on pragmatic, easy-to-understand solutions in a field that can be complex.
  • Remaining independent from big industry players and manufacturers allows PowerCon to freely work with whoever we want and choose the materials and components that we see as the best fit for delivering the best solution possible. We see it as crucial to be at the forefront of the latest technology and requirements to remain ahead of the competition and be as innovative as possible.

We naturally work with all of the above mentioned within the framework of full respect of and continuous efforts to secure and improve Health, Safety and Environment towards our own employees, partners and clients.