Highly specialized within electrical power conversion, PowerCon’s core DNA is the development, production, and installation of efficient, compact, and reliable power conversion solutions for the wind turbine industry as well as the shore power market.

PowerCon’s Business Areas

  • Wind Power
    Reliable, efficient, and high-quality converter solutions for wind turbines.
  • Shore Power
    Flexible, compact, and scalable converter-based systems integrated into containers.
  • Test Equipment
    Tailored converter solutions, often taken from idea to finished installed product.

PowerCon Aims For

  • More efficiency
  • Smaller footprint
  • Further Innovation
  • Better user-friendliness
  • Optimal cost-efficiency
  • Higher flexibility

With over 10 years of industry experience, and even longer prior to establishing the company, PowerCon remains one of the most specialized power conversion companies in the world, bringing its characteristic flexibility, agility, and innovation to the table while having the size and capabilities to deliver any full-size solution that our customers desire. Combined with a cost-effective and practical approach, PowerCon continues to supply highly efficient and cost-effective conversion solutions to the market.

With a history and supporting track record to prove it, PowerCon has solid experience in developing solutions from the initial idea and concept stage through development all the way to production, installation, testing, and commissioning, serving both big international corporations as well as small and medium-sized local companies throughout the world.

At the same time, we continue to push innovation and also collaborate with local universities and innovation groups to develop the technologies of tomorrow. At PowerCon, we are proud to supply green technologies for a more sustainable future and to push the technological boundaries of what is possible.

Business Areas